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Thread: External Antenna Adapter

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xenonram View Post
    The droid actually doesn't have an external antenna adaptor. the battery case is actually made of metal and there is actually a gold plated connector that makes contact with the top left locking tab on the batt door, an also I think the large stainless steel piece on the bottom of the door also makes contact with something on the phone. So in essence, the battery door is the antenna. To get maximum reception, hhole the phone by the sides while talking on it, to avoid touching the door itself.

    P.S. Even the top three locking tabs on the door look like they make contact with some sort of gold plated contacts.

    P.S.S. That is the whole reason that the battery door is metal and the rest of the rear of the case is plastic.

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    This is all remarkably wrong. Funny how it sounds like it comes from somone who knows what they are talking about.

    The battery door is not an antenna. It is certainly not. This is so wrong it made me register just so I could come here and make sure no-one buys this load of crap. And the door is metal because its a heat sink for the battery that gets warm.

    Even if the door was a patch antenna, its the wrong size for the frequencies. But this is irrelevant because its not an antenna. Period.

    For those who need convincing- go into system settings and look at the signal strength measured in dBm. Now remove the battery door.... if the battery door was an antenna that number would drop substantially.. by like 10 or more (probably much much more) dBms.

    The port near the usb could be an RF connector, its hard to tell. It could also very well be for an external GPS antenna too though.. just a thought.

    Source- Not being retarded.
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    There is an optional upgrade price of $ 14.95 in the antenna i linked a. The update replaces the velcro with FME male connector for the RF port. Click the small image to the left of the page to see what I mean.
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