Thank you to all the families who made the sacrifice to allow you husbands, wives, sons, and daughters to defend this great nation. We may not always agree and we still have areas we can improve. But this is the greatest nation in the world where you can freely support or oppose the people in leadership and not be put to death. This freedom we have came at a price.

The OnePlus 6 has a lot going for it! It is priced to sell, has innovative Dash Charge to charge your phone quickly and efficiently, and all the specs you expect from a flagship device in 2018. However for a company whose motto is "Never Settle" you will have to settle a bit with the OnePlus 6. These are the biggest problems with the OnePlus 6.

There have been a handful of rumors noting that Samsung will be switching its smartwatch software from Tizen to Google's Wear OS for its next gen watch. A new leak has added a little more creditability to that rumor.

According to trusted Twitter leaker @Evleaks (Evan Blass) Samsung employees have now been spotted wearing...

There's a new DirectTV Now app for Android that includes a major update. The new version features Cloud DVR that allows users 20 hours of free recording. The interface has also been updated to emphasize your most watched shows and local channel access. Here's a few details from the release.

Yes, that's right the nearly 2 year old Moto Z is getting Oreo as I type this. Oh, but of course there'a catch. Sorry VERIZON users, only the unlocked Moto Z is getting it right now. One can only assume this means Verizon just needs to sign off, so hopefully they will release it soon?
Other handsets getting the Oreo update over the past few weeks include the LG V30 and just this week the G6 both...