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by dgstorm at Oct 8, 2015
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Here's a story so hot you might get burned, and in fact, after you hear about it, you might feel burned. According to a report over on The Verge, Verizon plans to raise the price of their Grandfathered Unlimited plans by $20 USD per line. This new rate will apply starting in November. The specifics of the increase are that the monthly "grandfathered unlimited data plan" will go up by $20 per line to $49.99, and this is on top of what you pay for voice and text.

Furthermore, this new change will only impact customers who are out of contract, and once you go "month to month" the rate will then change to the new amount. Also, government and corporate accounts won't be included in the price increase. There is one tiny "upside" to this new change. Verizon will now let customers buy new smartphones through a monthly payment plan; whereas before, if you wanted to keep the grandfathered unlimited plan, you had to purchase the phone outright.

According to Big Red, just 1% of their customers are still on a a grandfathered unlimited plan, which is how they are justifying the move. Either way, it looks like they are doing their level best to kill it off, one way or the other. We knew that something like this would eventually come... it's actually only surprising that it took this long. Share your pain here.

Thanks for the tip, @dezymond!
by wicked at Oct 9, 2015
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AT&T is pushing out an update to the LG G4 that brings performance enhancements.

Full list of changes:
  • Calendar enhancements
  • Battery improvements
  • Keyboard enhancements
  • LG Backup
  • Camera enhancements
  • GPS enhancements
  • Exchange Active Sync enhancements
  • Touch Improvement
  • Security enhancements

If you own a G4 on AT&T, you should be receiving this update now. You can also check manually by going into settings-> about phone->system update

Source: AT&T
by wicked at Oct 9, 2015
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Google has pushed out OTA updates for select Nexus devices and here are what's available now:

Nexus 5 (hammerhead)

Nexus 7 2013 (razor)

Nexus 7 2013 LTE (razorg)

Nexus 9 (volantis)

Nexus 9 LTE (volantisg)

Nexus Player (fugu)
by wicked at Oct 9, 2015
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OnePlus will be having its first open sale of the OnePlus 2 on October 12 which will allow customers w/o an invite to purchase the phone. The vendor will have the phone up for sale for one hour, starting at 12PM, across several time zones.

Here's when you'll be able to buy the device sans an invite on October 12:
  • Asia: 12:00-1:00 pm HKT
  • Europe: 12:00-1:00 pm CEST
  • North America: 12:00-1:00 pm PDT, 3:00-4:00 pm ET
OnePlus has mentioned that the time slots will be region-locked, meaning that customers in the US will be able to purchase the handset only during the 12PM to 1PM PDT window. You can buy a maximum of two phones per order, but you can place as many orders as you want during the one-hour window.

Source: OnePlus Forums
by smalltowngirl13 at Oct 9, 2015
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It appears that current owners of the Moto X Pure have been receiving invites thru Motorola's Feedback Network for a soak test...could this be an update to Android 6.0 or just some simple update to Lollipop.

The Moto X Pure is the newest device from Motorola that can be bought unlocked and usable on most all US carriers. It would certainly make sense if it is an update to Marshmallow as Google has begun updating their very own Nexus devices. How awesome would it be for Moto to be the next manufacturer in the game to update their unlocked devices to the newest OS available.

Sound off below with your thoughts, ideas and what you hope it might be!
by DroidModderX at Oct 8, 2015
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The Neural Network keyboard from swiftkey uses neural networks for the predictive part of the keyboard. The idea behind this is that human language uses patterns and patterns of patterns. The keyboard seeks to give you the best yet predictive and corrective options while typing. Essentially you can type without typing, or you can type less often. This could be a game changer in the world of mobile typing!

You can use this now if you are running a version of Android 4.4 or greater. Grab the Alpha version of the app from the Swiftkey Greenhouse.
by DroidModderX at Oct 8, 2015
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Another awesome Nexus Toolkit by Mark Skippen allows users to do pretty much anything you would ever need to do with a Nexus device. Mskip has already updated all of his supported toolkits for Android 6.0 Marshmallow and has already added place holders for both the Nexus 6p and Nexus 5X. The main difference here is that the Wugfresh toolkit that we posted about earlier is an all in one toolkit. It supports all Nexus devices without the need to download multiple tools. MSkip's version is a separate tool for each device. This means you will never accidentally flash the wrong file to the wrong device, but you will have to download multiple tools. If you only own one nexus device mskip's toolkit may be worth looking in to.

via skipsoft
by DroidModderX at Oct 8, 2015
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While we may have hundreds of apps stored on our devices the majority of Android users only use a handful of apps on a day to day basis. These top apps are the apps that find themselves planted on our home screens. Sometimes having these 10 to 20 apps on the home screen can become a bit cluttered. This is when you no doubt resort to stuffing them in a folder, but then you are required to open your folder to gain access to the app.

Tuffs Notification Shortcuts is a quick-launcher of sorts that allows you to add shortcuts to all of your day to day apps or system settings right in your notification panel. The great thing about Tuffs is that it uses no background services to do it's job! It is also not ad supported, and requires no internet access. There are plenty of customization options and you can add actions like direct call to contact to your notification panel too. Which is great since you will no longer have to fumble through your contacts to find the person you can regularly! Grab this app for free at the link below.

via Play Store
by DroidModderX at Oct 8, 2015
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The Nexus Root Toolkit by Wugfresh is the most comprehensive and easy to use tool for modding your Nexus device. With the tool you can easily set up your ADB and Fastboot environment (ie you don't have to do the full sdk install on your own), it guides you through the process of installing drivers, unlock your bootloader, install custom recovery, root your nexus, install the latest firmware to your nexus, and unbrick your phone!

Wugfresh has announced that he will be updating the tool. The next version will support Android 6.0 Marshmallow. Support for the Nexus 6P and 5X will also be added. Wugfresh even said he will be bringing some new features and improvements to the tool! Check back here as we will update you once the tool is updated.

via @wugfresh
by DroidModderX at Oct 8, 2015
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My blood was absolutely boiling this morning when Verizon dropped the proverbial hammer on grandfathered unlimited data customers. I know this action struck a cord with you. @dgstorm's post has already eclipsed 70 comments most of which is ranting and raving about the situation. I feel you I was right there with you. In fact I took to twitter with my rage.

If your unlimited data comes by way of a super old legacy plan like Alltel's Smartchoice plan you won't have to pay any extra for your unlimited data. It turns out you have been paying the higher $40 fee all along, it is built right into your plan! Other entities that won't be affected include ECPD, CLEU, and Government customers. Anyone currently on contract won't have to pay the extra $20 fee until after your contract expires.

This only affects users not on contract, who have the "Verizon Unlimited Data". I can remember a few years back when LTE came out Verizon tried to tell me that I would need to switch to Verizon Unlimited Data to access LTE. I firmly stood my ground and told them they would give me access and not touch my plan. They did and I am...
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