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by dgstorm at Apr 1, 2015
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It's another day, and another antagonizing post from the Cyanogen CEO, Kirt McMaster. An antsy OnePlus One owner was complaining about the fact that Cyanogen missed the planned deadline to bring Lollipop to the OnePlus one, and McMaster responded with the above Twitter post, suggesting people should "calm the f down."

OnePlus also shared that the problem wasn't that the update wasn't finished, but that it got stuck in the certification process longer than anticipated. This didn't seem to damper folks' impatience with wanting to get the update on their devices.

While it's an easy argument that owners should consider being a bit more patient with the update, it seems like McMaster could have handled it with more civility. Potentially alienating your fan-base with abrasive statements isn't the best way to engender good will. It seems like the Cyanogen CEO's brash behavior is becoming a habit. What do you think?

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by dgstorm at Apr 1, 2015
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For those in need of a new Spigen case for their device, this deal alert is worth a peek or more. shared a number of Spigen case deals for a multitude of devices ranging from the brand new Samsung Galaxy S6, S6 Edge & HTC One M9, to the Galaxy Note 4 and Nexus 6.

Here's the list of links found over at Slickdeals:
by dgstorm at Apr 1, 2015
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All jokes aside, this newest bit of news is a reason for cheering instead of laughing. Verizon announced a new policy change in which users on their network will be able to "opt out" of the so-called "supercookie" tracker which has popped up in the news over the years.

To refresh your memory, for sometime Verizon has included an undeletable, unique identifier header in a tracking cookie whenever anyone uses a device on their wireless network. They claimed that it wasn't a security issue, but several reports suggested otherwise. Apparently, the big dogs at Big Red decided they had enough of the backlash from it and are now offering folks the ability to say no.

To opt-out, you can hunt around on Verizon's website or call 1-866-211-0874 and they can help you with it over the phone. This doesn't entirely solve the issue, as several consumer advocacy groups have would rather Verizon use the "opt-in" approach, but at least some progress has been made. Here's a quote with the final details,

by dgstorm at Apr 1, 2015
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We have an exciting exclusive to break with you guys today. We have been in talks with industry insider sources at Lenovo who shared that Motorola and Verizon will be teaming up again for a new Droid Turbo device, only this time, it will be a smartwatch! Our sources even shared the image shown above.

The device will be called the Droid Turbo 360, and it is guaranteed to make your head do a 180! The design is actually reminiscent of a fashionable Swiss watch. The internal specs are as remarkable as the outer design aesthetic. They include a new Intel Atom processor, 8GB of storage, a 4G LTE modem (with voice call capability) and a switchable OS platform that lets you choose between Android and/or Windows 10!

The official reveal is expected on June 31st, and the watch should ship out internationally sometime in the early fall. We can't wait to get our hands on this one, and will share any further details as they arise.

It seems the stars have aligned on this particular date to make our smartwatch creams come true!
by dgstorm at Apr 1, 2015
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Image Credit: GSMArena

Verizon customers who were hotly anticipating getting one of the newest flagships on contract with Big Red can now move one step closer to making that happen. Verizon Wireless just opened up pre-orders for the HTC One M9, the Samsung Galaxy S6 and the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge.

Here are the details and links below:

HTC One M9 32GB for $199.99 on-contract, $24.99 per month on Edge, or $599.99 full price: HTC One M9 Verizon Wireless

Samsung Galaxy S6 details - Samsung Galaxy S6 Verizon Wireless
  • 32GB: $199.99 on-contract or $24.99 per month on Edge or $599.99 full price
  • 64GB: $299.99 on-contract, or $29.16 per month on Edge, or $699.99 full price
  • 128GB: $399.99 on-contract, or $33.33 per month w/ Edge, or $799.99 full price
Samsung Galaxy S6 details - Samsung Galaxy S6 edge Verizon Wireless
  • 32GB: $299.99 on-contract, or $29.16 per month on Edge, or $699.99 full price
  • 64GB: $399.99 on-contract, or $33.33 per month on Edge, or $799.99 full price
  • 128GB: $499.99 on-contract, or $37.49 per month on Edge, or $899.99 outright
by DroidModderX at Mar 31, 2015
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The one thing that really drew me to Android over iOS in the early days is the ability to mod the OS to make it pretty much anything you want it to be. If you find something in the UI that bothers you, or just something you think you can make better you have the power to do that. Developer "moneytoo" decided that he would like to make the volume panel better. The way he has done this is by simply making it smaller, so that it takes up less of the screen when you change the volume. The volume panel really can be quite annoying when it pops up while changing the volume setting, especially in the middle of a video or game.

The compact volume mod shrinks the height of the volume panel by half. While the mod changes the physical size of the volume panel, it maintains the stock look with all the shortcuts. The developer also tried to make it transparent, but was unsuccessful. Instead the panel keeps its blue color scheme. Head to the link below to grab this mod for CM12.

via XDA
by DroidModderX at Mar 31, 2015
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Around here we like to find ways for you to experience all that the latest and greatest device have to offer even before actually having to go out and purchase these new phones. Developers love to port new features over to old phones. If you have your Galaxy S6 on pre-order now and are just waiting for it to arrive you may appreciate this mod.

Developer "Albe95" has put together a quick mod which will bring the Galaxy S6 lockscreen to your current Galaxy device. Of course this will only change your current lockscreen aesthetically bringing the S6 Weather, Camera, and dialer to your phones lockscreen. This mod was built for the Galaxy S4, but should also work on the Galaxy S5, Note 4, and Note 3. Head to the link below for the download, and full guide.

via XDA
by DroidModderX at Mar 31, 2015
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If you enjoy modding your phone then you already know that ADB commands are necessary. We use these commands to unlock our bootloader, install custom recovery, and do all kinds of mods. With a little command you can hide and unhide bloatware apps. When you hide apps you are doing just that, you are hiding them. This won't delete them from your phone, meaning these apps will still be taking up space on your device. At least they won't be clogging up your app drawer. Out of sight out of mind. Head to the link below for full instructions.

via XDA
by DroidModderX at Mar 31, 2015
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If you just can't hold out another month or so for the release of the new LG G4, and have to buy an LG G3 you can at least take advantage of a great deal! Starting today LG will offer a free VR headset to those purchasing the LG G3. This VR headset is not in any way on par with the likes of the Samsung Gear or Oculus Rift, however it is still an interesting little gadget which is based off the Google Cardboard concept. It is built with far better materials than the Google cardboard, which makes it worth a bit more, and makes it an added value to the LG G3 purchase.

The LG G3 is still an awesome phone. It launched with arguably one of the best screens of 2014, laser auto focus for the rear shooter, and an awesome metal body design. The LG G3 was the first smart phone that I had been genuinely excited about in a long time when I purchased it. If you are looking for a bargain this is definitely it. To find a store that is cooperating with LG on this deal check LG's store locator tool at the link below.

LG stores
by DroidModderX at Mar 31, 2015
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That $25 content streamer known as the Chromecast seems to become more and more valuable everyday. Content providers are steadily adding support for the streaming device all the time. For what it is I really do have to say that I the Chromecast works very well. I have mostly used it to rent movies from the Play Store which has been incredibly convenient.

Some very interesting new content is now available for the Chromecast. TED, MTV, Pac-12, and Qello Concerts have all added support to their apps. With the MTV app you will be able to stream shows like Catfish and Finding Carter to your TV. Pac-12 brings sports including football, soccer, gymnastics, basketball, and more! I am probably most excited that the TED app has integrated streaming support. With the TED app you will be able to stream the top 20 most watched TED talks, as well as other recent topics. With these additions you should be able to find hours worth of content! This is getting closer and closer to a cord cutting kind of device.

via GoogleChromeBlog
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