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by dgstorm at Aug 27, 2015
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For folks who actually want to be productive with their tablets, LG's latest invention might prove useful. It's called "The Rolly Keyboard" (model KBB-700), and it's basically a foldable bluetooth keyboard that is nearly the same size as your standard PC keyboard.

The Rolly is a Bluetooth 3.0 keyboard in which 4 rows of keys fold up on a central "stick." You can check out the video above for a demo of the device. No details on pricing or availability were revealed at this time, but we will get to see it live at IFA in September.

How many of our members out there could use something like this?

by dgstorm at Aug 27, 2015
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Lenovo must be very confident in Motorola's ability to find success in the mobile world. According to their own recent press statement, Lenovo is going to fold its entire smartphone devision into one which will be under the umbrella of Motorola. They even plan to eventually shutter their own Lenovo Mobile (although it will likely not be discarded as a brand name), and current Lenovo Mobile employees will now join Motorola.

According to the source of this report, Lenovo shared that "Effective immediately, Rick Osterloh, formerly president, Motorola, will be the leader of the combined global smartphone business unit." Here's a quote with a few of the details,

by dgstorm at Aug 27, 2015
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Here's a hot deal alert for anyone out there who needs a ton of data storage space for their devices. Amazon has a sale on a 128GB SanDisk microSD card. It's only $59.99 for a limited time! That's at least a 40% savings.

To spice this deal up, this is not a boring run of the mill microSD card either. This is one of their UHS-I/Class 10 cards, which means it can achieve speeds of up to 48MB/s. It even comes with its own SD Slot adapter and a 10 year warranty. What's not to love here?

Here's the Amazon link to grab yours:
by dgstorm at Aug 27, 2015
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The above image is supposedly the new Moto 360S sharing wrist space with the original Moto 360 for a comparison shot. To be clear, there will supposedly be two new Moto 360 devices. One will be called the Moto 360L ("L" stands for Large), while the other will be the pictured Moto 360S ("S" stands for small). The "s is for small" definitely fits as it clearly is notably smaller than the first gen Moto 360.

The second image shown (in the thread below) is supposedly the Moto 360L. It's hard to tell, but it looks like it will be roughly equivalent in size to the first generation Moto 360. The only intel which came along with these photos suggests the Moto 360L will have a 375mAh battery, and the Moto 360S will include a 270mAh battery.

What do you folks think? Is the Moto 360 evolving in a good direction?

Source: Hands-On: Moto 360 Sequel Gets Compared To Its Predecessor
by DroidModderX at Aug 26, 2015
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One great thing that OEMs have finally adopted from the rom and mod community is the theme chooser. There are hundreds of themes to chose from, but I found myself going back to the material themes. If you like blacked out dark roms then you may like this as well. In the early Android day some developers would release "inverted" versions of their Roms and icons. This was discovered to save battery in some cases as well. I have been using the light material theme for several days now. To find this theme you will have to go to the theme store and search for it there. It is a pleasure to be able to change my theme at will. What do you all think?
by DroidModderX at Aug 26, 2015
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Some one was nice enough to release the ZV5 TOT file for the LG LS991. This file can be used to flash your device back to stock. You may need this file for prepping a phone for sale, or if you flash an incorrect file in custom recovery. If you are already familiar with flashing a TOT file to an LG device the process is the same its just that files have changed. Grab the files needed along with full flashing instructions at the link below.

via XDA
by DroidModderX at Aug 26, 2015
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The OnePlus One finally has a build of Android 5.1.1 in the form of an update to Cyanoge OS 12.1. The update is rolling out to all devices now. The update will be rolling out in batches which is standard for OEMs. This gives them the chance to test the build as it reaches users. If it went to all users at once and had a major bug all devices would be affected. If you don't want to wait for the update to hit your device no worries, you can grab the full package and flash that or you can grab the if you are already on 5.0.1 and then just flash in recovery. Grab the files needed from the link below.

via DroidViews
by DroidModderX at Aug 26, 2015
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For me the only reason to ever download the Amazon app store is so you can take advantage of the free app of the day. That reason is now gone! Amazon has decided to go a different route. Today they released Amazon Underground. This is a sub section in the Amazon Appstore that gives you a list of all the "actually free" games and apps. Amazon says there are about $10,000 worth.

One great thing about the Free app of the day was that it was essentially curated content. You didn't have to search through endless apps to find something you might like. Instead you found out what the app was and you either grabbed it or not. The upside of Amazon is that you get many apps for free everyday. These free apps are available as long as the developer keeps them underground. So far there are quite a few intriguing titles such as Goat Simulator, Cut the Rope 2, and Star Wars Rebels: Recon Missions.

Via Amazon Underground
by dgstorm at Aug 26, 2015
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In case you guys weren't aware, Google's YouTube Gaming is now available. This is basically Google's answer to Twitch TV. For those who missed it last year, Google was trying to buy the gaming TV service, Twitch TV, but they got outbid by Amazon, who now owns it.

Google wasn't too broken up about it though. They were already working on their own gaming TV service for YouTube and mainly wanted Twitch for the engineers, technology, patents and existing user base. While all of those things are important, we can't dismiss the fact that more people watch YouTube globally than any other medium on the planet. Plus, YouTube can actually archive the videos, whereas Twitch TV does not.

The YouTube Gaming is available to watch globally, but the apps are only available in the US and UK for now. You can head over to the Google Play Store at the link provided below to download the app and start watching all of your favorite video games streaming live or recorded. Sound off and let us know if you ever partake in video game watching.

Source: YouTube Gaming - Android Apps on Google Play
by dgstorm at Aug 26, 2015
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We found this handy list of current (as of the time of this post) Android phones which now have the Stagefright patch. If your phone isn't on this list you are vulnerable, but we suspect your OEM is working on it now. Of course, if you have an older device, that might not be the case. Also, you have another option to protect your device from Stagefright. You can disable auto-retrieve for MMS. It might make it a bit less user-friendly, but it could be worth it.
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