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Doze is a feature that arrived with Android Marshmallow that improves Battery life by placing your phone in a deep sleep mode when it realizes your phone is sitting still and is not in use. The feature limits network access for apps. Doze will allow for SMS and phone calls to get through. You can actually enable other apps to get through the doze wall. This is great if you don't want to miss notifications from certain apps.

-Open settings and go to Battery/Power
-Choose Battery Optimization from options menu in the top right corner
-tap filter and select apps
-tap on the app you want to change settings for
-tap "Don't Optimize" then tap "Done"

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If you have a Nexus 5 or Nexus 7 from three years ago then you my friend know how to take care of a phone or tablet. One good reason to keep a Nexus device this long is the fact that Google does such a good job of keeping their devices updated with the latest and greatest versions of Android. Google had already listed the End Of Life Date for the Nexus 5 as October 2015 so the fact that it has been updated past that date is pretty awesome. Neither the Nexus 5 nor the Nexus 7 (2013) will receive the update to Nougat. That being said both devices are still receiving security patch updates. According to Google the security patch updates will last 3 years from the time of release so enjoy those updates while you can!

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It has been discovered that the Verizon Note 7 is missing quite a few key features. One such feature, Samsung cloud, allows you to easily backup contacts and data making it easy to upgrade your device. Verizon has removed this feature from the normal settings menu, but it appears that the feature is still embedded deep within the system. You can actually re-enable the feature pretty easily.

You will need the paid version of the Nova Launcher to make this happen. Once you have the paid Nova Launcher installed you will need to create a shortcut for the activity ".app.ui-SCloudActivity". You can then launch Samsung Cloud from your homescreen and proceed to create backups and restore backups. This also enables your free 15GB of storage.

Thanks @Gremlin!

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Yesterday we saw the roll out of Android 7.0 Nougat across Nexus devices that were already involved in the beta program. If you were still on a version of Marshmallow you had the option of joining the beta program or being left out in the cold. Google has finally released the stock images for manual installation at the developers website. So far there are images for the Pixel C and Nexus 6P. Stock images should show up for other devices as the day progresses!

To install these you will need to be bootloader unlocked, have fastboot and adb files on your PC, and will then need to run the flashall.bat. The process is actually not all that difficult. Head to the link to grab the image for your device.

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When you buy a phone you assume it will come with all of the features advertised by the manufacturer. Unfortunately Verizon has decided to continue their tradition of not only adding useless bloatware, but also taking away key features from their flagship lineup. With the Note 7 they have removed quite a few things that actually improved the overall user experience of this particular device.

Samsung has included a feature dubbed Samsung cloud backup which gives you 15GB of free storage which is baked into the system that allows for easy backup of your contacts, calendar, Samsung notes, internet bookmarks, keyboard data, photos, videos, and stories. This would potentially make life much easier when upgrading to a new device next year. Verizon has decided to replace this nifty feature with their own third party app "Verizon Cloud" which only gives you 5Gb of free storage and does not integrate well with system apps.

The new settings menu found on the Note 7 does a pretty good job of grouping settings making the whole settings experience much less cluttered and faster to use. Verizon has decided to skip...
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Nougat is finally here for Nexus devices, and yes I am aware that we have had Nougat on our devices for months now however we finally have an official, consumer friendly, and stable build! There are plenty of new features, but probably the only immediately noticeable feature is the new lineup of emojis!

Emojis have become an extension of our language. The more I see emojis grace my screen the more i begin to think that maybe the Egyptians were a society that got so out of hand with emojis that their whole literature system became a series of symbols that we now refer to as hieroglyphics. All joking aside emojis have become an easy way to show what you are really feeling when the person on the other side can't see your facial expressions.

With the official build of Android Nougat 7.0 we get a whole slew of new and updated emojis. The update includes 72 all new emojis. Android now supports 1791 emojis. The new emojis take on a more streamlined look with straighter lines and uniformed shapes. Overall this appears to be a pretty good update.

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Thanks to our friends over at Droid-life, we now have a full changelog listing all of the features the latest 7.0 update provides.
Here's Everything That's New in Android 7.0 "Nougat" | Droid Life
I'm not seeing any "must have" features.
What do you guys think?
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Today officially is Nougat day, Google has officially announced the official release to Nexus devices. The first devices that will get Nougat will be the Nexus 6P, Nexus 5X, and the Pixel C. If you want the update right now and you own one of those devices you can either sign up for the beta program through Google (Sign up for Android beta to get Android 7.0 Nougat right now!) or grab an OTA posted by AP (Flash all the things: Full Android 7.0 Nougat Nexus OTA roundup [Continuously updated]). See this thread for discussions (Is today Nougat Day???? (YES!!!))
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Stay tuned..............
As rumors are that Google may be pushing out the goodness to nexus phones. Oh how great it is to be a nexus owner.

Nexus owners are your Nexus ready?

Today is indeed Nougat day we will update the OP with links to install

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MIUI is the Android skin overlay on Xiaomi devices. It was widely used across all devices in the early days of Android as a custom Rom. Back in the day if you wanted an iOS experience on your Android phone MIUI was the closest you could get. Today MIUI still thrives. Not only is it the OS of Xiaomi devices, but the developer community still keeps Roms updated for many devices. August 23rd will be the official global rollout for the latest stable version of the rom. MIUI 8 will rollout first to Redmi 1S, Mi 2/2 S, Mi 4i, Redmi Note 3G, Redmi Note 4G with the rest of the scheduled devices receiving the Rom update shortly after.

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