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It may be official! LG has just sent out media invites for an event taking place at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona Spain on February 26. This is exactly one day before the event officially starts. The invite includes the tag "See More, Play More". This once again alludes to LG putting a larger screen on the LG G6. The G6 will feature a 5.7" QHD display with an 18:9 aspect ratio. The ratio of the image in the image matches the aspect ratio of the LG G6. LG has also included information about the heat pipe, new artificial intelligence in the accompanying press release. I am getting hyped about this device. I think LG is due for a comeback. Anyone else getting excited?

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Team Win Recovery allows you to flash all sorts of mods and roms to your phone. It even allows you to fully backup all the info, apps, and data on your device. The custom recovery has just been released to list of new devices.

Devices include:
-Pantech VEGA LTE-A
-Pantech VEGA Secret Note
-Pantech VEGA Secret UP
-LG K7
-Yu Yunique
-Letv/LeEco Le 1S
-Zuk Z2
-Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime
-Lenovo P2a42

You can easily install TWRP to your device using the official app if you are already rooted. Otherwise you will need to flash TWRP through fastboot. Head to the link below to grab the files for your device.

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For some reason Samsung has made the default resolution on the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge display 1080p Full HD as part of the Android Nougat update. This is likely meant to be a battery saving and performance enhancing change. If you want to continue to take full advantage of your Galaxy S7's QHD display you still can, you just have to re-enable it in your display settings. To be honest you likely won't notice the difference now that you have received the update. If you just wan't to get the most out of the hardware you paid for head to Settings and then Display from there you will be able to toggle QHD back on.
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Nokia has been a power house phone brand for years. That is before they dropped off the face of the earth. The decision to use Windows instead of Android on their devices didn't turn out so well for them. They remained top dog in the cheap phones category until other Chinese brands emerged in competition. Nokia was a favorite brand of mine before smartphones were a thing. Those were the days when the Nokia phones were built like tanks and the battery lasted all week. I could even play snake on my Nokia, and could extend my antenna for better signal reception.

Nokia announced the all new Android Nokia 6 at CES. The phone's best feature is probably it's design with the beautiful curved edges. It also includes enough spec power to keep it in line with most midrangers out there. The first flash sale went live today. Nokia had announced that they received 1 million pre-registrations. The flash sale ended just 1 minute after it started. That's how long it took Nokia to sell out of their first batch! The phone was launched in China only. Hopefully Nokia will be encouraged to share the love internationally with the success they had with this first sell.

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By now you are likely pre-registered for the Android release of Super Mario Run. Nintendo has finally given us confirmation for the release time frame for the game's release. According to Nintendo we will see the game release sometime in March. Super Mario Run is a side scrolling runner game that features Mario and all of his friends. You can jump and collect coins as Mario runs at a predetermined speed. The iOS version of the game allows users to play through the first several levels for free before asking you to pay to unlock the rest of the game. It is unclear how Nintendo will monetize this game on Android. While the game was wildly popular in iOS downloads not many of those players followed through with a purchase. The game hasn't done as well financially as Nintendo had hoped. Who knows if they will change up their monetization strategy for the Android release. Head to the link to get pre-registered.

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One of the coolest things that the Galaxy lineup is capable of is Virtual Reality. Samsung actually does a really great job with their VR offering as well. You can watch Netflix on a simulated 80" TV! Samsung has plenty of 360 degree videos that make you feel like you are in the middle of the action. There are also lots of super immersive games you can play with Samsung's Virtual Reality. All of this requires a Gear VR headset. Many of us have been able to pick up a free VR headset with the purchase of a Note 7 or Galaxy S7, but for the rest of you the device sets you back $100.

If you have been itching to get your hands on the Gear VR from Samsung, but didn't feel like sinking $100 into it now is your chance to get in on an incredible deal. Samsung is currently selling their latest version of the VR headset on Amazon for only $52. This is compatible with the Galaxy S7, S7 edge, Note 5, S6 edge+, Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge. Grab it from the link below.

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So here's the latest Android Wear... fine, I'll say it: RUMINT from Evan Blass. May I present the latest (probably) leaked pictures of Google's own Android Wear smartwatches. How he gets the stats correct so often is crazy. According to Evan, this is coming in 2 different versions. The Sport version features everything (NFC, Wifi, BT, 3G, LTE, GPS & heart rate monitor) while the cheaper, smaller Style version will have just WiFi & BT. The Sport model looks to be pretty thick @ 14.2 mm (compared to the Moto 360 Gen 2 @ 11.4mm for comparison sake) and the Style a more svelte 10.8 mm. I don't understand leaving NFC out of the smaller one, but it is still a rumor for now.

Can we talk a bit about the current sad state of Android Wear affairs? Motorola has publicly said "we're done with AW for now". The Moto 360 Gen2 was recently pulled from Google's store. The Moto 360 Sport lasted a mere 2 months in the Store. In the last few months, the Sony Smartwatch 3, Huawei's Watch, and Fossil's entire lineup have all been pulled from the store. The last watch announced, the Asus Zenwatch 3 was supposedly available for pre-order in November, promptly "sold out" and hasn't been available anywhere since. I question if it was ever even sold. It was never available in the Store. There are currently 4, count them 4, smart watches available direct from Google.

Is it over? It sure seems that way to me. Smart...
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Samsung told us following the final Note 7 recall that they would be launching an internal investigation to find out the exact cause of the Note 7 fires. After extensive investigation it would appear that Samsung is prepared to place most of the blame on faulty batteries. This is somewhat troubling as Samsung had found "good batteries", and then those phones ended up being faulty as well. This seemed to point to other issues like possibly an issue with software or design.

Reuters is reporting that Samsung will soon put most of the blame on faulty batteries. This could also mean that there are a combination of issues and that they battery was the main culprit. Samsung was able to replicate battery files during the investigation. If batteries end up being the main culprit this is good news for Samsung as they can simply fix the battery production process or just buy batteries from another factory. This would mean that their design won't have to be reimagined from scratch. We will have the official reports from Samsung in the coming weeks.

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Cell phones are just like little pocket PC's. The only difference between a desktop PC and a cell phone is the fact that you are carrying around a volatile mix of chemicals which power the phone in the form of a battery. We learned just how volatile this part of a cell phone can be thanks to the Note 7. If you remember the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge actually included a heat sink. This is one feature the Note 7 missed and could have been the actual cause of the Note 7 defects.

LG has promised to doe their best to make sure that this does not happen with any of their future devices. LG will adopt new technologies and testing practices to be sure their devices remain safe. The LG G6 will include a "heat pipe" which will be used to conduct heat away from areas that would otherwise concentrate heat. LG will also utilize more rigorous battery test to learn how their devices will age when mistreated to hopefully prevent mishaps when customers use third party chargers. LG probably won't be the only OEM to take these sorts of measures. It's always best to learn from someone else's mistake.

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As far as Android tablets are concerned there really have not been any big releases. It seems that the tablet revolution didn't really take off the way that many thought it would. Phone's have large enough screens these days that tablet's can seem redundant. Tablets were only really ever good for media consumption as they have never truly been great productivity devices. The Nvidia Shield Tablet was one of the most unique tablets out there when it released a few years back. It's focus was on gaming and to this day it remains one of the best tablets for gaming.

According to Nvidia's SHIELD Hub Google+ account Nougat will be rolling out the SHIELD tablet and the K1 tablet in the coming weeks. This is great because it breathes a bit of life into these older devices. The K1 should be the first to receive the update while the K1 SHIELD tablet will likely get the update a while later.

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