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Never let it be said that Verizon doesn't change things up for their customers. One week they are irritating consumers by charging more money or nudging people away from UDP, the next they are offering an olive branch of decent value. Big Red is kicking off a new promo which is really just a resurrection of an old promo. This offer is the "2GB Bonus Data for Life" offer.

Here are the details with a brief FAQ:

"Beginning today, we are bringing back one of our most exciting offers: The 2 GB Bonus data for life promotion!!!

Customers who upgrade or add a line (Installment Billing only) on the New Verizon Plan Large (8 GB) or higher will receive an extra 2 GB of shared data for life! Here are some FAQ’s regarding this promotion:

· Can a customer receive bonus data on multiple lines?

o Yes, they receive 2 GB for every line that upgrade or add a line on Installment Billing meaning a customer that upgrades four lines would receive 8 bonus GB’s

· Does this offer stack with existing sales offers (iPhone BOGO, $100 off of Installment Billing etc…)

o Yes! This offer does stack

· If a customer were to get enough bonus data to put them at a XL plan, would they get safety mode and Canada/Mexico roaming for free?

o No, customers must be on the new XL plan or higher to receive these benefits. They may still opt into these features for an additional cost

· Will a customer’s bonus data be considered Carryover Data as well?

o No,...
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In the video above we see the Xiaomi device of owner "Ajay Raj Negi" explode while being used. The explosion is pretty nasty. The phone literately sparks like crazy then bursts into flames. This happened on July 16th 2016. The Xiaomi phone that exploded was the Mi4i. Xiaomi has already launched an investigation into the incident. This may or may not be the fault of Xiaomi. Devices have exploded like this in the past and in other instances the problem was with a faulty charger and not the device itself.

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Apparently Pokemon are more important than life itself. We have seen people stop in the middle of traffic, step off the side of a cliff, and now waltz through a RADIATION ZONE just to snag a couple of Pokemon. This game is becoming as life altering as Flappy Bird. The Fukushima Radiation Zone is a place where a nuclear meltdown occurred which spilled radio active waste all around the surrounding areas. It seems that enough dummies crossed the fence there that TEPCO had to issue an official warning to Pokemon trainers attempting to hit up pokestops inside the area.

TEPCO has even requested that this radiation zone be removed from the game which is actually not a bad idea. Some of you have argued here that Pokemon Go could be a good tool for removing idiots from the population. I wouldn't go that far. Is it our responsibility to remain safe while playing a game or should Niantic scour the globe for "unsafe" places and remove them from their global map?

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Qualcomm just quietly released the Snapdragon 821 several weeks ago which features a 10% increase in performance from the Snapdragon 820. While we will more than likely see this chip in upcoming devices like the Note 7 and Nexus phones Qualcomm is already looking forward to their next chip release.

Apparently the CEO of Qualcomm has announced that the next chip, the Snapdragon 830, will release early next year. It is said to use a 10nm process. This has not been confirmed so we will chalk this one up as a rumor for now. The change from 14nm to 10nm means that Qualcomm can pack even more power into each chip which is very intriguing.

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According to sources confirmed to have actually handled the Note 7 by 9to5google the new Nexus 7 will come with Gorilla Glass 5. The latest iteration of cell phone glass has already been announced by corning, but no one really thought it would be featured on the Note 7 since it's release was so soon. Gorilla Glass 5 has been strengthened to survive 4 out of 5 drops onto rough surfaces from 5 feet. We still aren't sure how well it will survive scratches. Hopefully it fairs better than the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge which are highly prone to scratching.

Other confirmed specs include a 5.7" QHD AMOLED display, IP68 waterproofing, 3,500mah battery, Iris scanner, USB Type C, and 12mp rear camera. The phone is said to ship with 5GB of Samsung Cloud storage, and a USB Type-C to microUSB adapter. According to the source T-mobile will sell the phone starting on August 19th followed by AT&T and Verizon near the same date.

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A new teaser was released today.
This is it. The real deal. A video posted to YouTube by Samsung Mobile Korea is the first television commercial seen for the Galaxy Note 7. And it's all about teasing some of the features that will be offered by the 5.8-inch phablet. Features like the fingerprint scanner and the pattern lock are first out of the gate, although the whole device is not displayed. The handset will also offer an iris scanner that can unlock the phone in .22 seconds.

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Today, Xiaomi, the Chinese company announced the Redmi Pro which is the latest smartphone in its entry-level portfolio. This device packs some surprising features that make it stand out from its predecessors: This is the first time that Xiaomi's is using an OLED display plus a dual-camera setup on a device, which is a surprising move given that these are headed to the affordable Redmi line instead of the flagship Mi line. The price? From 1,499 yuan which is about $225.

The Redmi Pro comes in a gold, grey or silver brushed metallic unibody -- a nice feature for the price, a 5.5-inch 1080p OLED display (with full NTSC), a fingerprint scanner and a 5-megapixel selfie camera on the front side. Flip it over and you'll find a curved glass back, plus a dual camera featuring a 13-megapixel Sony IMX258 main sensor plus a 5-megapixel Samsung assistive sensor. Like many earlier dual-camera phones, here you can change the focus point on the image even after capturing; and there's a dual-tone LED flash, too. It also packs a 4,050mAh battery with fast charging via the USB Type-C port. The Redmi Pro has the same IR blaster as the Redmi 3S which lets you control your TV and home appliances.

The Redmi Pro is powered by a MediaTek chipset. The base spec comes with t 10-core Helio X20 plus 32GB of storage and 3GB of RAM (1,499 yuan/about $225), followed by the faster Helio X25, 64GB of storage plus 3GB of RAM (1,699 yuan/about $255), and finally a 128GB variant with...
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One of the most annoying things about my LG G5 is the lack of an app drawer. This is one of the most essential parts of the Android launcher. It allows you to keep all your apps neatly organized and clears up space on your home screen for widgets and your favorite apps. I thought I might be able to get used to not having the app drawer, but no such luck. I had to downgrade the UI to get the app drawer back.

Verizon is finally releasing an OTA update for the LG G5. This update gives you the ability to add an app drawer to your homescreen. Go to settings, Home screens, and choose home with app drawer. There were also updates to the USB connection screen. The final update is an improvement to the LG Health app.

The V10 is also getting an update. The update is to improve wifi calling.

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Folks are getting hyped for the release of the iPhone 7, Note 7, and LG V20. I'm over here like when does the Nexus come out?! The next generation of Nexus devices should be here this fall, and until now they have been pretty well hidden and mysterious. Yesterday some leaks hit the web giving us more information regarding the HTC Nexus Sailfish.

The leak comes by way of a build.prop file. In the file we find that the device will feature a 1080p display and qualcomm's latest chipset. The leak specifies the cpu as model number MSM8996 which is the same as the Snapdragon 820, but may also be used for the Snapdragon 821 as well. We also expect the device to feature a 5" display. I don't know about you but I was really hoping for a 2k display. I'm not sure why Google and HTC would settle for a lower res screen. Would you be happy with these specs on your next Nexus device?

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We won't see the official release of the Note 7 until August 2. That being said you can get a bit of Note 7 experience now! The Note 7 stock rom was dumped to the web a few days back. Developers have already started to dig into the system dump, and of course the first thing they grab and release is the stock wallpapers. These wallpapers actually look pretty sleek. You can download them now for your device. Head to the link below
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