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by dgstorm at Feb 11, 2016
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The most striking thing about the headline isn't that Microsoft Apps are now showing up in more Android devices, it's that there are 74 different companies making Android devices! Regardless, It's obvious that Microsoft has worked out deals with even more Android OEMs to include Microsoft apps pre-installed from the factory.

Last year Microsoft could account for 31 different Android development companies which include apps like Skype, OneDrive and/or Office with their devices. This year that number rises to 74, and includes newcomers like Acer, along with other notable big names like LG, Sony and Samsung.

It's worth noting that the Android OEMs aren't all including these apps out of "kindness," nor is it simply because Microsoft negotiated good deals with them to make it happen. Many of these OEMs (especially the smaller ones) are basically forced to include these apps so that they can avoid patent litigation from Microsoft, since Microsoft happens to own several Android-related patents.

At least you can't fault Microsoft for finding a solution other than suing the crap out of everyone...

Source: Engadget
by dgstorm at Feb 11, 2016
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The latest HTC One M10 rumor is at odds with our previous one from yesterday. According to the latest intel, HTC might be bringing the One M10 (or whatever it will be called) to the US market in May. This suggests that the previous rumor could be the unveiling date instead of the retail launch date. Specifically, @evleaks shared that the HTC One M10 will hit US stores the week of May 9th.

Another source shared a few rumored internal details regarding the device:
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 or unspecified Mediatek CPU (depending on the region)
  • 5.1” QHD AMOLED screen
  • 4GB RAM
  • 12MP UltraPixel rear camera with optical image stabilization and laser-assisted AF
  • Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow with HTC Sense 8
The one thing that is easy to say is that it is going to be a tough year for Android OEMs to catch customers' attention. The devices have become so much alike that it is hard to distinguish them...

Here's our dedicated HTC One M10 section for more discussions: HTC One M10

Source: GSMArena
by DroidModderX at Feb 10, 2016
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Samsung and LG have done a pretty good job at delivering some pretty awesome accessories to go along with the launch of their phones. LG has just made a pretty bid deal about the official Quick Phone Cover for the LG G5. The case is touch enabled.

You will be able to take calls, control alarms, and more all without uncovering your device's screen. The case itself looks pretty sweet. It features a metallic looking finish and a window so you can see the always on screen!

via AndroidCentral
by DroidModderX at Feb 10, 2016
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Android Open Kang Project quickly became the most popular Rom in the Android dev community a few years back. They sat on top of the Rom world having gained a following with broader reach than even CyanogenMod. This went on for quite a few months. AOKP gained all this popularity by adding some pretty innovative features to their Roms. Some of these features were eventually even picked up by OEMs.

Eventually buzz around this rom series began to die down as development slowed. I have not actually ran this rom in quite some time. Now I finally have a reason to load this rom up again!

AOKP has announced that they are working on bringing up Marshmallow sources. The team has also seen some changes. Head to the source link below.

via XDA
by DroidModderX at Feb 10, 2016
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Adblock Fast was one of the first adblocking apps to utilize Samsung's browser's native ad block support. It was promptly removed from the Google Play Store as soon as it was published. The reason Google gave was that it was an app that had an effect on another app.

Rocketfish appealed Google's decision, and Google changed their mind reversing the ban. Along with republishing the app to the Play Store rocketfish added support for Android 4.0.

The app is intended to speed up your browsing experience by eliminating crazy data consuming popup ads. The only drawback is that it also blocks non malicious ads meaning creators take a hit on the ad revenue they need to keep creating.

via Rocketfish
by DroidModderX at Feb 10, 2016
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Last week we discussed an error popping up on all iPhones that had the home button and touch ID replaced by a third party. Error 53 is triggered when iPhone users attempt to accept an update. Security checks if the iPhone's touch id senosr matches the other devices components. If that part was replaced by a repair company other than Apple the phone's data is wiped and bricked. The only fix is to buy an all new phone.

This seems to be very wrong. While Apple insists this is a measure to protect the consumer, there are others who would like to take a stand against this practice. On one hand you could see a security issue in allowing the home button to be replaced if changing the hardware would actually mean the fingerprint data in the phone was erased. This is not the case, its not like a thief could take your phone to the local repair shop and just have the fingerprint scanner replaced in order to gain access.

The whole idea of not being able to make repairs on something that 100% belongs to you just doesn't sit well with many consumers. There is a law firm who either is pretty good at sensing...
by DroidModderX at Feb 10, 2016
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One more week goes by and we have an all new collection of High Def Wallpapers from AndroidGuys! This time the wallpapers all focus on popular video games. Some of my favorite walls in this series are based on games like KillZone, Batman Arkham City, Halo, Call of Duty, Star Wars, and Mario. There are 75 wallpapers in total. Head to the link below for the full list. To apply these walls simply download the wallpaper of your choice, open the image by long pressing it, then set it as wallpaper. Pretty simple!

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by dgstorm at Feb 10, 2016
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According to unnamed sources, HTC might do some rebranding on the HTC One M10. The rumor suggests that the "One" will stay in the model name, but the M10 part of the branding might get nixed or changed in some way.

That's not the only info that came along with this rumor. Supposedly, the launch date for the next generation HTC flagship will be April 11th. While we have no third party corroboration of these rumors, we wouldn't be surprised if they turned out to be true. What do you think?

Here's our dedicated HTC One M10 section: HTC One M10

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by dgstorm at Feb 10, 2016
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Check out these Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge leaks! What looks like a final dummy version of the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge has shown up in leaked photos (shown in the thread below). Along with that, a leaked press render of the silver version of the Galaxy S7 Edge was also leaked (shown above).

While the look of the device is not really much different than last year's Galaxy S6, we must admit, that's not necessarily a bad thing when you have such an impressive and unique aesthetic design. The partial-wrap around display of the Edge device is just beautiful as it seamlessly integrates into the case.

Of course, nearly everything is subjective so your mileage may vary. What do you think of these leaked pics?

Here's our dedicated Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge section for more discussion: Samsung Galaxy S7, S7 Plus, S7 Edge & S7 Edge Plus

Source: Phandroid
by dgstorm at Feb 10, 2016
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Just yesterday we heard a rumor that the Samsung Galaxy S7 would have an "always on display" likely designed to facilitate active notifications and gesture based controls. This would be similar to what we have seen Motorola and a few other manufacturers do in the past. In fact, LG recently did this with the LG V10. It looks like they are revisiting the idea with their latest flagship the G5.

According to a press pic directly from LG, their new LG G5 will be coming with an "Always On Display" feature set. Along with the animated gif (which you can see in the thread below), LG also shared the following press statements:

We aren't yet sure what LG plans to do with the feature, but we are intrigued to find out later this month when they official unveil it before Mobile World Congress.

Here's our dedicated LG G5 section for further discussion: LG G5

Source: Facebook - LG
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