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by dgstorm at May 20, 2016
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It's winner picking time! Our random drawing picked out the winners of the awesome Android Figurine contest. This was one of our most well-received contests ever!

Without further ado, here is our list of Android Figurine Contest Winners:
  1. First Place = Special Edition "Power Vampire" - WINNER is @MissionImprobable!
  2. Second Place = Hexcode (Black and Green) - WINNER is @Valvoline!
  3. Third Place = Ice Blue (Clear and Flame-Touched Blue Color) - WINNER is @Talon8Ya!
  4. Fourth Place = Blue (Solid Blue Color) - WINNER is @kixfan!
  5. Fifth Place = Clean (Clear Green Color) - WINNER is @Maddy14!
*SPECIAL SURPRISE BONUS PRIZE! = As an extra bonus prize, we were all impressed with the hilarious and creative post by @bruben7886, so we decided to award him with a Standard Edition Green Android Figurine, given up from one our staff member's personal collection.

Thanks to everyone who participated, and congratulations to the winners! The winners will be contacted shortly to get shipping information so we can send out your prizes!
by dgstorm at May 26, 2016
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It looks like Samsung is getting close to the bendable smartphones of the future. Above is a video demo of a Samsung made OLED prototype display. As is obvious, this tech is more than just flexible and bendable, it is actually demonstrated rolling like a sheet of wallpaper.

It's probable this tech will make its debut in smartphones and other mobile devices, but eventually we can expect to see flexible displays gracing walls, refrigerators, billboards, windows and more. We may one day be surrounded by constantly moving visual advertisements throughout our city environments. What do you folks think of that possibility?
by dgstorm at May 26, 2016
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Chances are, assuming you don't live in China, you have probably never seen or dealt with any of the previous Axon products from ZTE. Don't let that deter you from taking an interested peek at their latest creation: the Axon 7. What's really funny about the ZTE Axon 7 is that there was only a ZTE Axon before this... no 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6. Ah well, someone in ZTE marketing must have just liked the sound of "Axon 7." Also, that number does make it match up closer to current smartphones from opposing brands.

Regardless of the marketing decision, this new flagship from ZTE will be launching with cutting edge specs, and will be available in the U.S. for less than $500. You will be able to get it from Amazon, Best Buy and from ZTE's own retail website. The initial version will only be compatible with GSM carriers like AT&T and T-Mobile, but there is talk of a CDMA version for Sprint and Verizon.

Here's a breakdown of the absolutely monster specs for this new flagship entry in the U.S. market:
  • 5.5-inch AMOLED display with 2K quad HD resolution
  • 2.2GHz Snapdragon 820 processor
  • 3,140 mAh battery with quick charging support (50% in 30 minutes)
  • A microSDXC slot
  • Dual speakers
  • 20-megapixel rear camera
  • 8-megapixel front-facing camera
  • High-speed fingerprint scanner - ZTE claims it is the fastest avaialble
  • Two memory configuration options: a 64GB model with 4GB of RAM or a 128GB version with 6GB...
by dgstorm at May 26, 2016
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Folks who like to follow the OnePlus line of products might be intrigued with this latest revealed intel. The new OnePlus 3 has just passed its TENNA certification for China and this revealed its full internal specs. Here's the scoop:
  • 5.5-inch 1080p display
  • 2.15 GHz quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor
  • 4GB of RAM
  • 64GB of internal storage
  • 16MP main camera
  • 8MP front-facing camera
  • 3,000 mAh battery
  • Dimensions: 152.6 × 74.6 × 7.3mm
  • Weight: 160 grams
Although the TENNA reveal didn't confirm it, earlier leaks also suggest a fingerprint sensor and NFC Support. As you can see from this spec breakdown, the OnePlus 3 doesn't have any specs which are dramatically greater than any of the current flagship models from the big OEMs like Samsung, LG and others; however, the fact that it has basically the same specs, but is only going to cost around $310 means this device could be the greatest value proposition in the market.

Here's a link to our dedicated OnePlus smartphone section for further discussion: OnePlus Smartphones (All Numbered Models)
by dgstorm at May 26, 2016
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It seems that not all is well with Motorola at Lenovo. The Lenovo Group just released their latest financial report, and they were brutally honest about the failure of Motorola to live up to their expectations after the acquisition. For the most part, Lenovo was profitable, but it was their mobile division that put a drag on that.

Lenovo pointed out that Motorola was already struggling before they chose to buy them out, and continued to do so afterwards. That was the main reason Lenovo chose to shelve the Motorola name in favor of the simpler Moto branding. This is also the reason Lenovo chose to take the reigns on the company instead of letting Moto have more autonomy as previously promised.

To be clear, Lenovo isn't placing all the blame for their reduced profits on Motorola. They admitted that they have been facing greater pressure from increased competition in China over the last couple of years. Supposedly, their new plan is to produce a much more competitive series of mobile products globally. They didn't name it specifically, but the rumored Moto Z is likely the vanguard for that new push.

Source: Lenovo News
by dgstorm at May 26, 2016
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It's not often that Verizon offers juicy sales, so, of course we want to share them with you when we fine one. This time Big Red is knocking $100 off several different smartphones if you purchase them online. The list of phones that will receive this discount is as follows:
While most of these devices are obviously previous years' models, the HTC 10 is worth noting because it is so new. The offer is only available for a limited time, so you may want to check it out ASAP.

Here's a link: Cell Phone, Tablet & Accessory Deals | Verizon Wireless
by dgstorm at May 25, 2016
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It looks like Samsung really was working on a new mobile device that includes an Iris-Scanner for security. Sadly, it turns out that the first one they made is nothing but a pretty low-end Android tablet that is focused on the enterprise market.

The new device is appropriately called the Samsung Galaxy Tab Iris, and here are its specs:
  • 7.0” WSVGA(1024×600)
  • 1.2 Ghz Quad Core
  • Android 5.0 Lollipop
  • 5MP AF (Rear)
  • Iris Camera & Subsystem
  • RAM 1.5GB (LPDDR3)
  • 8GB Storage (up to 200 GB microSD)
  • Dimensions - 193.4 x 116.4 x 9.7mm
  • Weight - 327g
  • Battery - 3,600mAh
  • 802.11 b/g/n 2.4GHz, BT4.1, USB2.0 with Host
As you can see, this is hardly a piece of tech worth getting worked up over. Samsung specifically described it as an affordable biometric security device for government and enterprise. It will have to be "affordable" to get any attention, because, other than the Iris Scanner, there's nothing at all to distinguish this from any other budget-friendly tab. What do you folks think?

Source: Samsung
by dgstorm at May 25, 2016
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Owners of the LTE version of the NVIDIA Shield Android tablet might be pleased to know that their device will soon have a tasty and fluffy, white treat on it. Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow has started pushing out to that version of the device. The NVIDIA Shield K1 and the WiFi version already received the update, so it's good to see that NVIDIA finally finished up with Marshmallow for all of their Shield tablet devices.

Here's a breakdown of some of the highlighted features included in this update:
  • Updated Emojis
  • Better button layout in landscape mode
  • Fixed compass issues
  • Shifted Lasso Capture icons
  • Fixed Gamepad mapper issues
  • Fixed SD card app issues
  • Android Doze support
  • Doom 3 HDMI-out fix
  • USB MIDI support
  • Do Not Disturb Until Next Alarm
  • Various performance and functionality fixes
The LTE Shield Tablet now also includes full support for NVIDIA's own Vulkan Graphics API, which is their latest 3D computing API designed to enhance your gaming experience. Even if you don't like real life Marshmallows, this is one Marshmallow it's easy to enjoy!
by dgstorm at May 25, 2016
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We have a couple of reports regarding Microsoft's mobile phone efforts. First, it looks like Microsoft's Nokia division has been such a big stinker that the folks in Redmond are burying it. Microsoft announced another round of layoffs for the Nokia division to the tune of 1,850 people worldwide. Of that number, 1,350 are in Finland. This is basically the rest of the Nokia folks.

Microsoft is also preparing to take a $950 Million dollar financial write-down on Nokia ($200 Million of that is severance pay). Since 2013 when Microsoft acquired Nokia, the ultimate financial hit they will have taken from the whole endeavor will be $7.6 billion. Ouch!

To go along with the final death throes of Microsoft's Nokia, Microsoft also shared that they are scaling back on their mobile phone efforts entirely. They made it clear that they are not exiting completely, but are simply refocusing on the enterprise market. What this means for the oft rumored Surface Phone remains to be seen. Here's a quote with more of the details,
Basically, it looks like...
by dgstorm at May 25, 2016
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We have a OnePlus daily-double for you folks today. First up, the launch date for the OnePlus 3 was accidentally revealed. During a chat conversation with a OnePlus fan, a customer service rep accidentally revealed that the “OnePlus 3 will be fully revealed on June 14th.” Fans of the phones can make note on their calendars and wait with bated breath now.

There's another reason to be excited about OnePlus phones, and even if you are planning to grab the OnePlus 3, you might have a friend or family member who wants to get a solid phone at a good price, so this latest news will be worth sharing. The company just knocked $50 off their entire line of current phones permanently. That makes the price breakdown for these phones the following:
  • OnePlus One - $199
  • OnePlus X - $249
  • OnePlus 2 - $299
Of course, this is obviously a ploy to clear out old inventory, but that doesn't mean shoppers are not savvy if they take advantage of it. Here's our dedicated section for the OnePlus numbered series phones: OnePlus Smartphones (All Models).

Source: OnePlus & Phandroid
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