In case you didn’t know it yet, it’s possible to select which Assist app, or Device Assistance App, pops up when you long press the home button. Depending on your phone, that would most likely default to “Enhanced Google services”. In short, Google Assistant. Amazon Alexa can now be set as an Android device’s default Assist app.

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Google’s IoT platform, also known as Android Things, reached v1.0 today ahead of Google I/O. With the launch of Android Things 1.0, we’re now at the point where the platform is ready for production devices, like Smart Displays.

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Android TV brings effortless entertainment right to your living room. First on JBL LINK BAR, a soundbar powered by Android TV with the Google Assistant Built In. The new product, called the JBL Link Bar, will work as an audio hub for your living room, but it will also run Android TV and come with Google Assistant integration to enable voice search and control. Coming Fall 2018.

It's a little bit tough to see the big picture when we're stuck looking at the news that interests us as consumers, but Android TV has made large strides away from our observing gaze. In less than a year, ever since hardware from the Android TV Operator Tier started coming to the market, many Pay TV providers around the world have switched their boxes to run Google's software. The result: new Android TV users have doubled in the last year....

LG has taken the wraps of its new G line flagship and introduced the G7. Kind of reminds you of something, doesn't it? It looks like we are one step closer to what I knew would be coming one day, once the bezel less craze started: soon every phone will be a notched pane of glass.
The good news is LG has kept the headphone jack. Of course they have. LG continues to prioritize great...

Facebook’s annual F8 developer conference kicks off this morning, just roughly a month and a half since the Cambridge Analytica scandal completely redefined the conversation around data privacy and social networking platforms. You can watch it live by clicking on the above youtube video!
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