At its core, the Galaxy Note 9 is mostly a Galaxy S9+. In terms of basic specs, features, connectivity, capabilities, buttons and ports, the phones are indistinguishable. The Note 9 has the same Snapdragon 845 processor, 6GB of RAM and supporting radios for...
Verizon has announced today that it will launch 5G in Houston later this year. The focus will be on residential home service, rather than mobile broadband. Verizon is stepping in to provide high-speed internet service for under-served communities. "We will be the first to offer commercial 5G service and our work with Houston put us one step closer to delivering that promise," said Verizon's incoming CEO Hans Vestberg. "With 5G we are ushering in a fourth...

T-Mobile today added support pages for the Moto E5 Play (above) and Moto E5 Plus (below). T-Mo hasn’t made any announcements regarding either device, but if you look at the software updates support page for both phones, the launch software is listed as being available July 27th. That suggests that both Moto phones will land on T-Mobile’s shelves later this week.

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Samsung Electronics is struggling to adjust its flagship model lineup to defeat profitability deterioration caused by the saturation of the smartphone market. As the Galaxy S Plus model and Galaxy Note are almost similar in product characteristics, the claim that the two products should be unified into a single cost...
Accidentally went to the Fi website today and saw this deal.


Ahead of an event for its official debut, I’ve been catching little tidbits of information regarding Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy Note 9. Now, the device has been spotted in public, in the hands of the company’s CEO.
While Koh didn’t show off the device in any official capacity, a photo shows him using the device, S-Pen in hand. While the device in question is in a case, it’s...
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