Easily one of the most requested features in Android has to be (or has been at this point) a 'dark mode' feature. One big reason people rooted their phones, myself included, was to be able to use a darker palette throughout the Android OS. It's easier on the eyes in my opinion, it looks better in many people's opinions, and...
Google launched a new program yesterday, Android Enterprise, aimed at business IT Departments so they know which phones are going to be supported with security updates in the long term. Phones on the Google approved list must meet a minimum specifications requirement and the manufacturer must commit to 3...
One of the most popular keyboard replacements when it was released back in 2013, Swype, has been officially discontinued. Nuance, who you may know as the company behind the popular Dragon Dictation software, is... err... was the developer behind Swype. Apparently, according to Nuance, this 'change is necessary to allow us to concentrate on developing AI solutions for sale directly to businesses'. It's not...
If you've been following the Essential phone at all you know that they did start to roll out 8.0. Apparently 8.0 brought some instability issues to the phone. They never said what specifically was not stable on the phone but they did pause the update. Today they have announced an 8.1 Beta is rolling out to the Essential. They've also Tweeted that included in this update is a fix for the 'slow...
Samsung finally released Oreo for the S8 a few days ago. Today Samsung announced they have now stopped the update because of random reboots. Samsung told SamMobile, and we quote: "Following a limited number of cases where Galaxy S8 and S8+ devices have rebooted unexpectedly with the Android 8.0 Oreo, we have temporarily stopped the rollout of the update. We are investigating...
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