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Submit your favorite holiday 2017 commercial. If we do not have enough for 2017 we may extend it to all time.

ehhh what the heck.... let's make it all time.

After 2 weeks we will have a poll for the nominees and then narrow it down to the best.

So go youtube diving.
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The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 released with a few color options but you may have been waiting on that snazzy Deepsea Blue color option that was on showcase at the press event. It looks like this color option will be available in the US starting November 16th. You'll be able to purchase the new color option through Best Buy or Samsung's online store. You can get a subsidized model at Best Buy if you are on AT&T, Verizon, or Sprint. T-Mobile users will need to buy the phone at full price. You can bookmark the Best Buy purchase page at the link below.

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The Christmas season is quickly approaching. If you are looking to get a head start on your gift buying you might want to check out the Nvidia Shield TV. It has just received a discount to $169.99. I have two of these in my house and as far as I am concerned the Nvidia Shield TV is hands down the best streaming device you can buy. It features full fledged Android TV. Of course you can stream content from all of your favorite apps like Netflix and Youtube, but you can also use it as a pretty powerful gaming device. This device also includes full support for 4K streaming! If you have a GeForce enabled gaming PC you will be able to stream your games to your TV with the device.

With this discount you end up saving $30 on your purchase. The device cones with both a controller and game controller. Grab it from the link below.

via Amazon
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The next ultra viral AR game is on the way. We can all remember when PokeMon Go took the nation by storm. The game was responsible for getting millions of Americans off the couch and into the community. A few things made this game super popular. First of all it tapped in to a nostalgic fan base who either currently or at one time lived and breathed Pokemon. Secondly it integrated a never before seen, for most of those playing, game mechanic in the AR game play. Finally it sparked a sense of community. You couldn't go anywhere without seeing someone play the game. The popularity of the game encouraged others to at least give it a shot.

The summer Pokemon Go was launched it was one of the highest performing games ever. As winter set in the outdoors nature of the game meant less and less people were playing it. As spring came back around Niantic released all kinds of updates and new features to try to entice players to come back to the game, but it never could regain its former position.

Niantic is looking to utilize the same PokeMon Go formula to tap into another wildly fanatic fanbase. Niantic Labs is currently working together with Warner Bros Interactive to produce a Harry Potter AR Game. The game is scheduled to go live in 2018. An article from TechCrunch suggest the new game will be inspired by Ingress which was the same game that...
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Now that Apple has finally integrated wireless charging into their flagship devices other OEMs that have also neglected the tech will be expected to finally step up and add it to their devices. OnePlus has built a brand on offering more affordable phones with flagship devices. One way that they have been able to keep prices low is by not including all the features you would expect from other flagships. One of the features that they have systematically excluded has been wireless charging. As you may have guessed the upcoming and much anticipated OnePlus 5T has been confirmed to also not include wireless charging.

OnePlus CEO Pete Lau explained why the feature won't be included via a OnePlus Furms Post. It looks like Dash Charge may be the main reason we won't see wireless charging on the OP5T. Here is what he had to say.

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Problems have plagued the display of the Pixel 2 XL. It started when users realized there was a nasty blue shift on the phone causing pretty nasty viewing angles. Not to long after that people began discovering they were getting some image retention which was so pronounced it seemed more like actual burn in. Now it looks like some Pixel 2 XL users are beginning to experience the shedding of the Oleophobic coating. This makes the screen appear to be permanently smudged.

Here is one user's account:

“Last night, I noticed, after two weeks of use – treating this device as carefully as I do others, going as far as to only clean with a dry t-shirt, having it be the only thing in my pocket at any given time – that there was an incongruent mar over the proximity sensor circle. I thought it was a smudge, but when I tried wiping away, it didn’t go away.

Before I go further, apparently, this VERY SAME ISSUE has been seen by someone else who had a pre-production LG V30 unit in-hand within a week’s time.

It’s like the oleophobic coating was very easily brushed away – somehow – though the phone had not been dropped, scraped, largely sitting in the open, face-up – for these entire two weeks.”

Have any of you seen this issue with your device?

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The OnePlus 5T will be announced next week. It will also feature a few upgraded specs. That being said rumors had suggested that the phone may also see a price bump. New rumors began to suggest the phone would cost under $600. This suggestion was based on a OnePlus CEO Pete Lau comment.

Today new reports suggest that the OP5T will cost the same amount as the OP5. The source claims that the price was detailed in a confidential document. The same document says the phone will come in 64GB and 128GB options. The prices should be $479 and $539 in the US at launch if this information is true. We will see the phone announced on November 16th and will be able to buy the phone on November 21st.

via TechRadar
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Display technology over the last few years has really come a long way. Samsung has curved the edges of their displays, and has minimized the bezels. Other OEMs like LG and now Apple have followed suite by getting rid of the display bezels. Display's are now brighter and sharper than ever. Apple has used LCD displays until this year. Their iPhone 8, 8 plus, and iPhone X now feature OLED displays which really do look incredible. Display Mate has now deemed the iPhone X Display as being the Most Innovative and Best Performing display ever.

I have been using the iPhone X for the past few days and when it comes to the display I am actually starting to miss my Galaxy Note 8. For one it doesn't have an ugly notch that gets in the way when viewing various apps in landscape. The iPhone X may have more accurate colors than the Note 8, but I personally prefer more vibrant saturated colors. It just makes the display look more pleasing to me.

When it comes to brightness the Galaxy Note 8 can produce over 1200 nits of brightness, but only for a few pixels. The rest of the display can output up to 560 nits of brightness when auto brightness is turned on and the phone is in direct sunlight. The iPhone X is only able to produce a max brightness of 809 nits for a few pixels. It is able to achieve 634 nits of brightness across the display in Ambient lighting conditions. Either phone can be viewed in outdoor lighting with relative ease.

It is true that the iPhone X...
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We have been hearing rumors that OnePlus would be launching another Holiday Season update to their flagship lineup. Last year we got the OnePlus 3T which ended up being a very minimal update to the OP3 that was released earlier in the year. This year OnePlus may be giving a more worthy update to the "T" device this year. We are expecting to see a minimized bezel display design. The internal specs will likely remain the same as what we have already seen on the OnePlus 5 and should include a Snapdragon 835 processor, 6GB RAM and 64GB storage option, and 8GB RAM and 128GB storage options. We may see an upgraded battery with a larger 3,450mah battery as opposed to the 3,300mah battery found on the OnePlus 5. We might also see a small camera spec bump with a dual camera setup with 20MP RGB lens and 20MP monochrome lens. The new display will be 6" and will feature a rounded bezeless design.

This device is set to launch at an event in Brooklyn on November 16th. If you want to be a part of the event you can purchase tickets to the event for $40. You can also stream the event for free online. The device will be available for purchase on November 21st in North America and Europe. The phone will also be available in India November 28th, and China on December 1st. We still don't know the price of the phone. I imagine we are going...
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I can't believe that yesterday was Android's 10th Birthday and we didn't have a news story thread related to that.

Happy Belated Birthday Android! [emoji106]

I'm pretty sure the first Android phone I bought in 2010 was running FROYO and upgraded to Gingerbread shortly after buying it.

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