Almost one day before the big Motorola Droid launch and everything seems on track for a very successful first day. The first impressions and feedback on many blogs have been outstanding with only a few minor complaints mentioned. One of those complaints appears to be a problem with the built in camera and the autofocus capabilities.

DroidForums member Shatteredzman has just tipped us off to a...

There have been many news articles and reviews on the Motorola Droid that claim the phone lacks multi-touch and Pinch & Zoom made so popular by the iPhone. Well Rob over @ Phandroid has proved everyone wrong and released a video today that backed up his findings.

Verizon Droid will offer Tethering in 2010

GearLog Reports:
Think the Motorola Droid is almost perfect, but it just needs to be a modem for your laptop? Verizon can help with that, next year. Verizon Wireless told us that their "Broadband Access Connect" plan, which allows you to tether your phone as a modem, will become available for the Droid sometime in early 2010.

Since Droid...
new droid commercial

i merged all these together, and this is how it turned out.. lol no, i don't like any of you better than another, this is just the way the cookie crumbles.. enjoy! ~Sam

Verizon Wireless was rumored to have select stores open early for the big Motorola Droid launch on November 6th to deal with rush of customers. This has now been confirmed. Engadget reports:

Slashgear.com Reports: Having heard over the weekend that the GSM version of the Motorola DROID – the Motorola MILESTONE – would be landing in Europe later this month on carrier O2, Mobile-Review’s always-on-the-inside Eldar Murtazin has pushed out a video of the handset in action. As well as swapping...
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