Indaba Music is running a competition to see who can make a song utilizing only the built in sound samples of either the iPhone or the Droid. We need to get the word out there so the Droid community can represent!

If you've got any musical skills at all, putting together a remix right now is the way to show it. You can find out more about the...

Do you have an HTC Eris and feel left out from all the Motorola DROIDs getting OTA updates? Well fret no more because one for you is on the way.

Verizon just let us know that an OTA update for the HTC DROID Eris is being pushed to handsets at about midnight this evening. The ROM is 1.16.605.1 and the radio version is for those inquiring minds. Just as Motorola’s OTA update worked, the...

Have you been debating if you should get a Motorola Droid or an iPhone? Have you made your purchase already and now maybe you're having second thoughts?

Well, Time Magazine is either here to help you out or add salt to your wounds. They've released their...

Below are the instrcutions for applying 2.0.1 manually without waiting for OTA Update.


Before the Motorola Droid was released, discussions of rooting it were already in progress. 5 short weeks later and now it has been done! Zinx Verituse will be a name that goes down in history as the first to finally root the Droid. For more information, checkout our Droid Root discussion here: Droid Finally...

Ai.rs surprises us with great news today after the disappointing rumors floating around yesterday of the delayed HTC Passion. Turns out the HTC Passion aka HTC Bravo might now be available in the US as early as next month, three months ahead of the expected European release. Check out the new leaked photo (pictured above) of the phone....
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