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Motorola Droid & Cliq Getting Android 2.1, Droid to Get Flash 10

Posted on Wednesday, Jan 6, 2010 by Casey Chan

Don't worry Droid & Cliq owners, you're not...

The press conference was very interesting and we found out a few things that no one was expecting. The phone was pretty much what had been reported, so nothing new there... but we did find out that Google Earth would be out for the Android 2.1 platform and I had not seen that anywhere previously.

In addition, Google hit us with the fact that both Verizon and...

We are doing a pseudo-transcript Live over on the Nexus One forums here:

Nexus One Forum - Google Phone Forum - ChatBox

If you are interested, be sure to check it out!

The Nexus One is being unveiled officially today at 10AM Pacific (1PM Eastern) at Google headquarters in Mountain View, CA and our sister site Nexus One Forum - Google Phone Forum will be covering all the action!

Make sure to stop by and see all the coverage and new updates that Google's got up their sleeve for this platform!

New information and a picture has surfaced of a silver Motorola Calgary / Droid Devour. This device is still rumored to be for the Verizon network however a release date has not been confirmed. Boy...

An epic battle is coming my friends. To what am I referring to? The Android nation vs the iPhone nation is finally drawing near. Rumors have recently surfaced that shortly following the initial release of the Nexus One for the T-Mobile network...
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