Hey guys, again CES hit us with very good news for all android lovers!
Dazzboard presented their software named "Dazzboard",
being a software to synch with android phones, providing iTunes integration and app-management like iTunes,for iProducts, as well as far more to come.

One cool feature is your data, being available...

As you may have noticed DroidForums.net has a newly updated look! We are very proud of the site and how well it's grown from our humble beginnings just a couple of months ago and this is all possible because of the amazing members the community has.

DroidForums.net has been the fastest growing...

Hey guys,

This is GREAT NEWS. Motorola officially confirmed 2.0.1 Update for the Milestones soon and the 2.1 Upgrade within the next 2 months!!!! Also the DEXT was announced via Myspace!

From AndroidCentral:

Motorola Droid & Cliq Getting Android 2.1, Droid to Get Flash 10

Posted on Wednesday, Jan 6, 2010 by Casey Chan

Don't worry Droid & Cliq owners, you're not...

The press conference was very interesting and we found out a few things that no one was expecting. The phone was pretty much what had been reported, so nothing new there... but we did find out that Google Earth would be out for the Android 2.1 platform and I had not seen that anywhere previously.

In addition, Google hit us with the fact that both Verizon and...
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