Hey folks,

as We all know, the "Gadget of the year" vote from engadget is runnin! And we are about to be pwnd by a silly i(ncompatible)Phone.... You want that to be true?

Guess not!

Vote for the 2009 Engadget Awards! -- Engadget

Your Vote is needed!!


Motorola showed off the next Verizon Android phone in a new commercial during the third quarter of the Super Bowl with super star Megan Fox yesterday. For those that might have missed it, check out the video below with some bonus footage after the jump.

I'm surprised Motorola didn't even mention the name of the phone, just MOTOBLUR. Did you like it/hate it, let us know your thoughts!

HTC may soon add another Droid to the Verizon line up and Pocketnow.com has posted the leaked photos that help prove it's existence. The phone rumored to be the HTC Incredible will run Android 2.1 with HTC Sense. We also expect the phone to have a number of impressive hardware features such as the Snapdragon CPU, 256mb RAM, 3.5-3.7" WVGA Screen, AMOLED, Optical mouse pointer and dual LED Flash. Check out a...

Hey folks,

A problem mostly found in mobile device forums is: "How can i get my movies to the best format for my mobile device??" This is the gap where XMedia Recode jumps in! This programm, being free, and available both as install-version or mobile-app, brings thousands of profiles for mobile devices like the Moto Droid, iProducts or WindowsMobile phones. It's also available in the languages English, German,...​

As requested, we have expanded the hacking section on Droid Forums! To help organize all of the information better we felt it was necessary to add a few new sections.

- Droid Hacking
Ey folks!

I received my 2.0.1!!!!

Here is how to do it!

1. Install the Motorola Software Updater here:
Motorola - MILESTONE - Mobile Phone Software Update - Motorola Deutschland

2. Connect the phone:
Set the USB connection to "Motorola...
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