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brought to you (copied really) from PCMag... i mean, what else are we gonna read the day before they announce them...?

10 Star Wars Features for the Motorola Droid


Here's a playful look at how to make Verizon's new Android handset the best phone in the galaxy.

Did you know that...

Verizon Wireless has created a stir in the market with their latest Android Phone by Motorola aka Motorola Droid. With their ad-campaign of Motorola Droid spoofing the iPhone, it was able to draw the attraction of almost everyone who has even have the least interest for the gadgets like this. The phone was at first announced to be available on Wednesday, the 28th of October, 2009 but it seems that it is...

Verizon's much-anticipated Droid smartphone came into the spotlight this week, but it seems this will be only the first in a series of Android-based devices, with the second model -- named the Droid Eris -- expected early next month. The initial model in this series will be dubbed the "Droid by Motorola", while the Droid Eris will supposedly be made by HTC. HTC DesireThis device was briefly shown off...
Check out the Motorola Droid displaying the time, date, weather, photos, music, and more!

We just got some wild information from a trusted source about Verizon's Android strategy, and let's just say this shakes things up a little bit. Here are the big takeaways:
  • Droid is the brand name being applied to Verizon's Android devices. It...
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