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Dear Android Users,

my name is andré reinhardt (alias MustangGT500) i am a member of the news team from Droid Forum - Covering all Verizon Droid Phones & the Motorola Droid and also a administrator of a...
We have discovered some video of what we think is a final version of 2.1 running on the Moto Droid. Check it out for yourself over here:droid life: a motorola droid blog

As rumored, 3D Launcer, Live Wall Paper are not included however it may still have the ability to run live wall paper. It's running smoother and quicker then 2.0.1. Really looks like a great update.

In addition to the...
for any brave soul that wants to try it.

Android 2.1 leaked for Droid Eris, appears to be the real McCoy | Android Central

Admin edit : a mirror at http://www.megaupload.com/?d=9KQYGL33.

mirror is courtesy of mdw

also install steps courtesy of MDW

Ok everyone you wanted a...

Hey folks,

ive been to the german COmputer & Entertainment expo "CEBIT"
and got my very first hands on a german Motorola Backflip runnin 1,6

It was nice from the looks, but MotoBLUR made it real laggy. I
didnt have much time, but enjoy with me!

:icon_ banana:

P.S.: it might take a while to see the clip, i just uploaded!


Data outage for VZW? Well being discussed here it seems the VZW has a large data outage... Join the discussion and keep the information coming in.

It appears that the outage is just about over as VZW data service and 3G are coming up all over now. Thanks for the information everyone :)
Rob over at phandroid has just reviewed the Motorola Devour.

For those who may not been following this release it will be running Android 1.6 w/MOTOBLUR.

Living up to Motorolas great build quality the Devour will not disappoint.

He described the Devour as ...." heavy. It was sturdy. It screamed “tough” and wanted to be its own man phone. The aluminum body with black, ruggedized rubber contributed to the look and feel and honestly it seems like the most solid Android phone out there."...
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