Well tonight in conjuction with MDW Droidforums is proud to present BlackDroid V10 for the Motorola Droid! This ROM is fast and stable! I spoke with BlackDroid earlier as well as the beta testers and they have all said. That this one is by far his best effort! Tonight is...

One of the most popular threads on DroidForums.net has been the Seido Case thread started back in November of 2009. Nearly four months later this thread has grown to over 96 pages, 956 replies and 83,646 views! To celebrate the success of Seidio Cases for the Motorola Droid and other Android Phones we are awarding the 1000th poster in this thread...
Hey guys,

Watch this incredible launcher from the XDA-guys. Search the market for "Helix" and weather you got 2.1 or 2.0.1 install HelixLauncher2 or Helixlauncher. The Helixlauncher 2 contains the 2.1 app drawer, working FINE in landscape AND brings live-wallpaper interaction

Here Screenshots from the 2.0 - Version:
If you travel a lot or even a little. There's an app that may help you get more from your Droid or Android based device :). It's called Tripit!


I know I will be checking this one out myself. I don't travel all the time,but anything that can make my life easier when I do it. Is...

Well it looks like the Nexus one won't be changed much by VZW. With the exception of having CDMA support only. Thats'a a bad move in my opinion. If they would have let it do both like the S2. Then the Nexus would be a world phone. Since I have one of these I can tell you the specs haven't been changed at all. I think it should come with more memory and for WIFI a/b/g/n, but overall it's an excellent device....

The kind people over at CompanionLink have decided to hold a simple contest and give away some product to three lucky DroidForums.net members!

To be automatically entered in the contest, all you have to do is vote in the poll and leave a comment in this thread. Vote for all the features you use on daily basis. Winners are chosen at random and will...
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