Engadget has just posted another leaked document indicating the launch of Verizon's second Droid Phone by HTC called the Droid Eris. The document shows it will be released on November 6th, the same day as the Motorola Droid but with a much cheaper price of $99.


BGR has posted a preview of Verizon's “first-of-its-kind” interactive experience in New York City. In coordination with the launch of the new device, Verizon is expected to put on this event called “DROID Does Times Square.” This experience will let people control two of Times Square’s largest digital billboards — the NASDAQ and Reuters signs — using only voice commands.

Now is your chance to get the FULL details of the upcoming Motorola Droid phone for Verizon. The official Droid User Guide has been released, and yup we GOT IT available for download here!

Click the link to download: http://www.droidforums.net/guides/motorola-droid-guide.pdf

Best Buy Mobile, the mobile specialty retail unit of Best Buy Co., Inc., will pre-sell the highly anticipated Verizon Motorola DROID smartphone beginning October 29. The phone will land in stores November 6. The Motorola DROID is the first Verizon device running on Google’s innovative Android operating platform.

Customers who purchase the smartphone at Best Buy Mobile can avoid the hassle of mail-in...

Droid Eris doc leaks, shows WiFi and 5 megapixel Camera The first phone in what will eventually become a line of Droid phones only became a reality yesterday morning, and its sibling is already in tow. We already know a bit about the HTC-made Droid Eris, such as its $99 price tag and that it’s likely to be spec’d almost identically to the Hero. We’re suckers for the minute details...​
As most of us, I signed up to get alerts from Verizon about the Droid as soon as they were available. Today, I got my first email... It appears that not only is the Motorola Droid site available (Motorola Droid Official Website) but so is the Verizon site....
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