Palm posted a net lost of $22million today and the outlook for the company appears to be just as grim. During the conference call Jon Rubinstein, Palm's chairman and CEO suggested that the Motorola Droid was a major ingredient for Palm's disappointed sales.

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Nov 6th, 2009 marked the launch of the Moto Droid and Droid Eris on Verizon. With these new devices came the need for information, a place for discussion, and the desire for more... DroidForums.net was there.

With a registered member count at 40,000+ and expanding daily, DroidForums.net has become a wealth of information in the...

A new report out today from analytics firm Flurry indicates that the Motorola Droid has outsold the Apple iPhone in the first 74 days of sales. Verizon and Motorola did everything right with the Droid. The launch was set just before the busy holiday season, the marketing was outstanding, Verizon customers where hungry for a new powerful smart phone, and the price tag was spot on. As expected Google's Nexus...

**UPDATE on 3/18 2.1 Release**

As we move through the day more information begins to trickle in. The latest report comes from Phone Scoop. They were contacted via email by Spokesperson Thomas Pica. Here's the latest:

In response to reports that Verizon Wireless had suddenly delayed its planned roll-out of the Android 2.1 update for the Motorola Droid, Verizon...
xScope Browser is a self-described fully functioning web browser, file browser, and task killer. Using this type of a comprehensive application in theory is a great idea. Admittedly, with my normal setup, I use stock browser, Advanced Task Killer Free, and ASTRO File Manager/SUFBS . So, to save internal memory, homescreen space, and a bit of RAM, why not give xScope a shot?

I am currently using a rooted Motorola Droid as my primary phone, running CyanogenMod with the...
Hey all,

the glorious guy "SeramphimSerapis" and the linux professional "Goddchen" did it again! 2.1 pre-release rom ROOTED!!

You only see 2.1 update1 on the screenshots, but they also provide the ROM INCLUDING root!
Good news!

Tigger :icon_ banana:

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