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Youtube App? What Youtube App?

Today, Youtube announced a complete revamping of its mobile Youtube site. What does this mean for the end-user? First off, a much more intuitive layout. For example, the touch buttons and other UI elements have been enlarged. Also, available now are search query selections, the option to like/unlike/favorite a video, and the ability to create playlists, all directly from your phone's browser. Simply put, the complete desktop Youtube experience on your smartphone.

Now to get to the most intriguing improvements: a much speedier experience, and a High Quality video option. When, in the past, the mobile Youtube site would default to an extremely low quality for a clip, now there is an option to stream the video in high quality, without ever entering that Pesky old Youtube app.

Check out a video introduction to the new Youtube Mobile Site:

Next time you have an urge to watch a plethora of Keyboard Cat videos or World Cup clips, visit to check it out for yourself.

So, has anyone noticed these improvements yet? Let us know.

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TMoNews just received a hot tip for those interested in purchasing T-Mobile's upcoming Samsung Vibrant! The Vibrant's launch date seems to have been moved up from July 21st to July 15th. Now, this makes perfect sense, considering that the Droid X will be released on July 15th as well.

We are not certain whether or not the revealed photo showing the "new" date is simply a misprint, or part of a sneak attack against Verizon and its Droid X. However, the screenshot clearly shows that the Vibrant will be available to Retail on July 15th, for both new customers and those upgrading.

For those of you who don't know, the Vibrant is T-Mobile's version of the Samsung Galaxy S. The Galaxy S Series has perhaps been the most hyped non-Verizon Android smartphone to date, and with its 4" Super AMOLED Display, 1Ghz Hummingbird CPU, and HD Video Capture will certainly be a formidable opponent to Verizon's Motorola Droid X. Whenever it is released, and we believe July 15th to now be the date, you will be able to purchase the Vibrant for $199 with a newly upped two year contract.

So Samsung, when will we see Verizon's Galaxy S, a.k.a. the Fascinate?

source TMoNews
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MobiTV, a live streaming and video-on-demand service for mobile handsets, has had a presence in the Android world for quite some time. However, the service is currently limited, as it is available only on few Android smartphones, such as the HTC Evo 4g, Motorola Backflip, and HTC Hero. Now, MobiTV is aiming to increase its Android presence, initially by launching on the T-Mobile Samsung Vibrant (on July 21st), and eventually finding itself on a plethora of future Android handsets.

Considering the increasing growth of Android and the current lacking of live and on-demand media content, this is the perfect storm for a company like MobiTV, trying to strike it big. This is addressed in MobiTV's press release by Charlie Nooney, CEO of MobiTV, Inc:
An interesting fact, also noted in the press release, is that:
MobiTV’s current global content partners include NBC Universal, Disney Channel, ESPN Mobile TV, Comedy Central, FOX...
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It appears that some lucky people have been able to get their Droid X early. How did they do it? Well, that's the question. No pattern has been found as of yet as to why these particular people received their Droid X shipments early.

A couple of theories seem to be present and those are:

  • Luck of the draw
  • These members had ordered Incredibles and them switched them to Droid X's and thus the ship date may have gotten mixed up
  • Part of the "Scavenger Hunt"

Regardless of the reason we are stoked to see these things getting out to users' hands so we can hopefully get ours soon and tinker with it as well.

Hat tip to Droid Life for the info and breaking down the details.

Don't forget, we've got the Droid X totally covered here at the site too with our Droid X Forum that is specific to the Droid X. Link here: Droid X Forum - Droid Forum - Verizon Droid & the Motorola Droid Forum
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1Password, the password management utility made famous on the Mac, is now available on the Android Market! Android 2.1 is required. You will need to manually copy the data over to the phone, however, as there is no automatic sync option available between your smartphone and Mac (instructions here).

There is also a beta version for Windows available here.

Now I never tried the software, and I would be a bit hesitant to save all my passwords in one location, as this could be a treasure trove for snoopers or hackers. However, the software has been highly rated by many reputable tech journals, from CNET to Macword Magazine (testimonials here). CNET goes as far as to say that "1Password is the best software available to keep your logins secure."

And to top it all off, 1Password for Android is free! (by contrast, Mac version costs $39.99). Check out the screenshots below for a sneak peak at what to expect:

Has anyone here used 1Password? What are your impressions of the service, and will you be using this on your Android handset?

by Shadez at Jul 6, 2010
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The Motorola Droid Is Still The King Of Android

06. Jul, 2010 written by Zealot |[​IMG]

Well, apparently this WAS the Droid you were looking for.

Nearly a year after it’s high profile release, the Motorola Droid is still the most popular Android phone on the market despite a lot of stiff competition. Despite being released back in November of 2009 (ancient history in the smartphone game) The Droid has 21 percent of the Android Market as of May. This is followed by the HTC Hero with 16 percent and the HTC Magic with 10 percent.

Bringing up the rear? The Nexus One with only 2 percent.

Of course there are lots of strong challengers that weren’t released when this study was made, including theEVO 4G, the Droid 2 and the Droid X so none of these phones should get too comfy. Despite holding the...
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The Samsung Galaxy S is on the verge of being launched on all four major US carriers. And, as seen recently with the Droid X, a launch would not be complete without the proverbial teardown. So here, we have for you today, the Galaxy S stripped to its core. This may make some of you cringe, but to the true tech geeks out there, this is the apex of coolness. So without further ado, the good folks at Danawa have been gracious enough to provide a detailed guide with photos and video showing the complete teardown of the Galaxy S. And to top it all off, specific hardware components are pointed out along the way.


Check out the video here (via SamsungHub)

Take a look at the teardown guide, complete with pics here

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As if you didn't see this one coming, the Droid Incredible has been delayed yet again. Today, Verizon updated the Incredible's latest proposed ship date on its wireless webpage to August 3rd. We heard a couple of weeks ago that the next Incredibles would ship by July 28th, but apparently that date could not be satisfied.

We all know the issues surrounding Samsung AMOLED shortages, and that the Incredible will likely be switching to another screen (supposedly a TFT LCD) for its newest batch. You also may recall the EOL (End-Of-Line) fiasco surrounding the Incredible back in June, which was debunked by Verizon personnel. While the actual ship date is still up in the air, at least those patient consumers out there have a $25 gift card to keep them cozy as the delays continue.

Is anyone still waiting to purchase a Droid Incredible? Have you already purchased the DI, and are waiting for it to ship? If so, is this new development forcing you to reconsider your smartphone decision? Let us know.

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The Samsung Galaxy S line, which was introduced to all four major US carriers last week, has been receiving much buzz behind its Hummingbird processor. The Hummingbird SoC houses an impressive CPU/GPU combination (1ghz Cortex-A8 CPU + PowerVR SGX540 GPU), which is arguably the most powerful hardware for any smartphone on the market today.

And we all know that HTC's top-of-the-line smartphones, including the Desire, Incredible, and Evo 4g, are all running the 1ghz Snapdragon processor with the Adreno GPU (AMD z430). So, how does the Hummingbird stack up against HTC's Snapdragon/Adreno combo? Well thanks to a Youtube user by the name of androidsbands2010, we are able to compare how well both chips handle 3D gaming. The video displays the HTC Desire and the Samsung Galaxy S, side-by-side, concurrently running the Quake II port for Android. And to no surprise, the Hummingbird substantially outperforms the Snapdragon. Check out the video below:

What do you guys think? Is this enough to sway you toward a Galaxy S? Let us now.

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In a world ruled by smartphones, what would a frugal consumer want most? Aside from free phones, I guess the next best thing would to have access to lots of free apps. And surprise surprise! Android leads all the major smartphone App stores in the availability of free apps. An analysis performed by Distimo in June found that 57% of the apps on the Android Market are free, compared to 28% for the iPhone App Store and 22% for the Windows Mobile Marketplace. Distimo also studied the average price per paid app, and found that Android provided the cheapest paid apps of the major smartphone platforms. The average app on Android is $3.29, compared to $4.01 for the Apple App Store, $6.97 for Blackberry, and $5.96 for the Windows Marketplace.

These figures are stunning, and may or may not bode well for developers looking to make the move to Android. Having the lowest-price apps, and the most free apps available could mean that Android developers recognize the frugality of the Android consumer, especially in a down economy. So, instead of charging for apps, developers look to other options: one being the implementation of AdSense within their free apps to yield profit. Distimo's analysis may also show the impact of piracy on the Android Market. Some developers may feel...
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